Our Programs

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Young Black Women for Choice (YB4C) aims to amplify Black women’s voices in the abortion movement and remove the stigma of choice through direct political advocacy and community outreach.


Living Out Loud:With a Purpose is a trauma informed peer driven project targeting Black cisgender and transgender women living with HIV.  Participants use their experiences to amplify their voices and create a safe environment for others to do the same.  This project aims to end the stigma and equip participants with skills to advocate for policies that ensure inclusionary representation among decision making on how women centered services are funded, allocated, and delivered.



TX Black Women Rise Up

The Texas Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Summit & #‎TXBlackWomenRiseUp campaign was created in direct response to the state of Black women’s reproductive health in Texas.
The 2016 TXBWRJ Summit, held in Dallas, sought to connect Black women with Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice organizations working in Texas. Attendee’s shared stories to facilitate healing and built relationships for long-term change; acquired a framework to implement in their respective districts, communities and organizations.
This was a convening where Black Women Lead critical abortion and reproductive rights conversations. As a result, TAC was able to lay the foundation for an intersectional policy agenda focused on groundbreaking solutions.

Afiya Talks

Afiya Talks is a bi-weekly, casual, salon style gathering where an inter-generational group of Black and women of color convene to discuss shared interests, situations, and backgrounds. Afiya Talks utilizes books and writings by noted Black feminist, womanists, and scholars along with film screenings to help generate round-table discussions. These gatherings offer a culturally affirming space and are designed to educate women on the history of the Black feminist movement and why organizing around reproductive justice is important.




Sistas Mobilizing for Abortion Access & Reproductive Rights in Texas (S.M.A.R.T) is comprised of a diverse and broad base of community leaders, volunteers, supporters, and advocates who are trained to educate the public on the harmful reproductive health and abortion policies in Texas. Through this multi-pronged project, The Afiya Center implements strategies geared toward creating a strong community-based response specifically designed to combat the stigmatization and fear tactics currently targeting Black women who seek abortion care.

end with red: annual fundraiser

End with Red is the Afiya Center’s Annual Fundraiser to support programming for Black Women with HIV/AIDS.